Monday, 19 September 2011

How to increase your virtual memory


Have you guys felt that your pc is hanging when open many application at one times.Felt like throwing your pc or laptop away..After this you wont felt like that anymore.You can resolved this issue by increasing the system paging file size also called as virtual memory.This will help to free up enough RAM for other application to run normally

Open system Properties;

click win key + pause key which will open system properties

or right click on my computer and click on properties

Control Panel > System > Advanced > Click on Settings (Under Performance) > Advanced > Change

Here under Drive (Volume label), you have option to select any of your hard disk drive, but the best choice is, select any drive other than C drive for virtual memory.

Set the double Initial & Maximum Size of your Virtual Memory. Here set initial size 700 MB and maximum size up to 1000MB; you can change this size according to the free space available on your hard drive.

Now you can open many application in one time without your desktop or laptop gets hang.